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Wholesale Connections – UK Wholesaler Store

Welcome to Wholesale Connections UK, a collaboration of the best online Wholesale stores in the UK.

Wholesale Connections aim is to help customers by bringing them the best prices possible. Our wholesaler stores have worked hard to make this happen.

Through our collective experience in the wholesale industry, we have developed close relationships with some of the top manufacturers in the UK and around the world. It's thanks to this that our wholesale stores have been able to negotiate the lowest prices whilst ensuring the quality of items is always the highest.

With the rise of e-commerce, we understand how important it is for our customers to get the best deals. The majority of customers who buy from our online wholesale stores will use Amazon and eBay. Thanks to our low prices customers can offer items at a competitive cost and enjoy a great number of sales and profit.

Wholesale is the most important part of a supply chain. A wholesaler has the great position of being able to work with both the customers and the manufactures. By having this contact with both customer and manufacturers; it allows the wholesaler to get a better understanding of what the current trends are and what is popular with their customers; they can then relay this information on to the manufactures to ensure the best items are offered.

As times are changing the importance of online wholesale has grown. Customers are moving away from travelling to a physical store and are now seeing the benefits and convenience online wholesale brings.

That is why Wholesale Connections decided to create this platform. Wholesale Connections hosts a variety of wholesale stores selling a wide range of products; making the experience as smooth and easy as possible for customers.

Wholesale Connections not only offers benefits to customers, we assist wholesalers selling on our platform to make sure they are getting the best out of their online wholesale store. We pride ourselves on ensuring both wholesalers and customers are getting the best experience.

Wholesale Connections boasts a wide range of stores including Wicked Nights Ltd, T&A Textiles and Hosiery Ltd, MIA Fashions, Denim Wise Ltd and Europa Fashions. Wicked Nights Ltd has a wide range of costumes, accessories and activewear; they are also home to the popular brands Wicked Fun and Crazy Chick. T&A Textiles and Hosiery Ltd are a leading brand in their industry. The creators of the brand Gaveno Cavalia offer an exclusive range of products for the bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and even items such as a wide range of socks. MIA Fashions specialise in the latest styles and trends; they pride themselves on keeping up with the fast paced fashion world. Denim Wise have you covered with all thing’s denim with a wide range of jeans, shorts, skirts and jackets. Europa Fashions offer everything from men’s and women’s clothing down to footwear and accessories.

Wholesale Connections is continuing to grow and we are excited for you to be a part of this journey!


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